Here’s To Hoping April Showers Bring May Flowers


The three dragons…

That’s what the weather human called them on the news — the three storms lashing the North American continent. The one attacking us here savaged my salad garden overnight. I did what I could to salvage the seedlings that had been flung out of the plant growing box-icators, but I defer to my assistant for the high-intensity gardening.


Tabby gardening

Let’s hope some good comes of this devastation…



Two days ago the sky was happy…

Feline Gardening 101

Now it’s evidently perturbed. As am I.


The Giants Win Their Season Opener

They’re off to a good start. It pleases me.

Not much on my agenda today, other than whipping my assistant into shape. The storm last night laid waste to my salad garden on the deck, so someone has to clean things up, and, of course, that someone is not me.


P.S. Lovely. I can hear it raining again. That means another day stuck inside…