Couple Interesting Days…

Tabs at the vet

Hey y’all,

So yesterday I had my annual checkup at the offices of my personal physician (no worries, everything checked out fine), but I was a little out of sorts after the whole ordeal, as you can probably imagine. There was this one part in the exam involving a thermometer that — well, let’s just say that I hope to never experience anything like that again…

Anyway, I was a little stressed after my driver brought us home, so I thought I’d have a relaxing picnic.

I really have to hand it to my assistant for her work on the deck garden landscaping. She outdid herself this year. I’ll have to remember that when it comes time for her bonus.

Toodles and cheek rubs,


4 thoughts on “Couple Interesting Days…”

  1. Tabs, you are such a good kitty.
    My departed kitty hated the vet so much that- no joke- every single time we went she peed on the vet techs. On purpose. She also yelled and bit and clawed, and they had to wear full protective cat-armor to handle her. When she was elderly, we had to go fairly often.

    And then we would get home and she would snuggle and purr.

    She yelled so much at the vet one time that she lost her voice for two days.

    I miss her.

  2. Tabs! Mreow!! ( Your picnic space is rockin’. I need my driver to get on something like that.)


  3. Tabs, I feel your pain there!
    My employer drove me to my physician because I had been throwing up. Those thermometers are not cool!
    Good thing you were all healthy, turned out that I had gastro, and I’ve been on a strict bland diet for the past week. Not cool, I miss all my human-food snacks!
    (Employer of K)

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