Me Time


I gave my assistant the morning off so I could spend some quality kitty alone time pampering myself and just enjoying a little Saturday solitude.

I wake up flawless, of course, but proper personal grooming does take it to the next level.

On another note, I’m feeling the love today. I hope that all you other kitties are doing well and that you received extra gravy at lunch.



4 thoughts on “Me Time”

    1. Absolutely. As the world’s first plus-size kitty supermodel, I strongly agree. When you’re not creating dazzling work or rocking a runway somewhere, down time is the best time of all.


  1. Tabs!

    Meoow (You’re so handsome and I’m so excited that you’ve started your own website.)

    (Mreow, eooww? (I would love more details on your grooming routine.)

    Your East Coast Feline,

    Paco Rabanne

    1. Greetings Paco,

      I hope you are well. My grooming routine is multi-faceted, and I’m glad you asked. Even with my incredibly gifted natural beauty, it takes a broad global network of professional fur stylists, personal trainers, nutritionists and pet assistants to look this good, so I can’t take all the credit myself.

      Love always,

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