The Sun Hath Rewarded Us With Its Presence

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 006

Greetings, human!

What’s shakin’?

It’s nice and sunny here in Northern California today, so I was able to persuade my pet assistant to take me for a walk.

The walks do me a lot of good. I work such a grueling schedule — kitty modeling is harder than you might think — and the outdoor time really does a body good.

Speaking of kitty modeling, here’s one of my more recent campaigns…

That was a fun shoot. 🙂

So, outside. I patrolled the perimeter of the offices here of Tabs the Cat Industries LLC. Didn’t see any cats, dogs or other interlopers today, which is good. The perimeter is secure.

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 005

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 004

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 003

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 002

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 001

I hope the sun is also out where you are.


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