New York Fashion Week Fall 2009: Accessories for the Fiber-Challenged

fruity tote hats the wave of the future

My secretary, Karen, goes on and on about how she needs more fiber in her diet, and frankly, I’m tired of hearing it.

Good thing I found the perfect solution for her at New York Fashion Week. I went to the Isaac Mizrahi runway show and spotted several models wearing tote bag hats.

Perfect for storing fruit, beans or Metamucil, yes?

Normally I’d rate this look as TOTALLY FUG, but alas, sometimes function trumps form.

Much love to my fiber-challenged homies,


8 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2009: Accessories for the Fiber-Challenged”

  1. It’s about time the party got started with your own blog, playboy. ;D My two girl kitties are going to be thrilled to see what you’re up to.

    We’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog!

  2. What’s up, Shefali! You know I’ll keep you up with what’s crackalackin’ in the fashion biz!

    My assistant (Karen) tells me you are a dog person — that’s cool. I hope to acquire several canines to guard my future mansion/palace/compound.

  3. Hello Tabs!

    I think you’re one of the coolest cats in the world and its great that you have your own website. Did you get my fanmail “An Ode to Tabs?”

    1. Hey Diva,

      I want a cat with extensions in her hair; bamboo earrings, at least two pair. A Fendi bag with a bad attitude…

      That’s all I need to get me in a good mood.

      –LL Cool T

      P.S. When are you visiting SF? We can go and walk across the Golden Gate together.

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