The Giants Win Their Season Opener

They’re off to a good start. It pleases me.

Not much on my agenda today, other than whipping my assistant into shape. The storm last night laid waste to my salad garden on the deck, so someone has to clean things up, and, of course, that someone is not me.


P.S. Lovely. I can hear it raining again. That means another day stuck inside…

One thought on “The Giants Win Their Season Opener”

  1. FABULOUS! This made my evening. I would ask how I can buy some of this fantastically advertised product, but I am not sure my kitty Colby is ready for the “Tabs” level of coolness. We’ll see.

    And we are so glad to see Tabs active on the blog because we LOVE seeing new posts. Tabs is our hero! 🙂

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