Locking It Down

What up, y’all! It’s been a minute. Lots of newness on this end. I’ve missed you. I’ve just been working on a whole lot of projects lately and, you know, have just been busy keepin’ it real and holding it down — doing my tabby best to change the world and pave the way for the next generation of tail kicking tabbies and superstar kitty supermodels.

I hope all has been well on your end of the cat tower.

Speaking of that, I need a new one. A new cat tower. Got any recs?

Quick Workout and Some High-Intensity Relaxing


Hey, y’all! How’s it going this weekend? Whatcha up to? I just had a great, great workout. I’ve been trying to build some extra muscle mass in prep for a guest appearance on Ballers with the Rock this fall, so I’ve been doing a lot of dumbbell work lately with my personal trainer’s help, and also some yoga, of course, to stay flexible.


I have the weekend off from kitty modeling, so I’m just working on my fitness and relaxing, watching some tabby TV and doing a bit of agility training, too, on my at-home obstacle course.


Gotta treat this body like a temple!


Much love, always,

The Best Toys…


What up, y’all? How’s it purring? If you’re looking for a cat toy with which to entertain your favorite feline, might I suggest this battery-powered squeaky squirrel?


I love it sooo much. It’s my favorite toy of all time. I like it even MORE than kitty toy lasers because it’s totally automatic. I don’t have to recruit my assistant to help me operate it, like I have to do with my laser.

All I do is swat, tap or bite it, and it squeaks. Just like a squirrel. Only it doesn’t sound anything like a squirrel, but I don’t care. It squeaks, and that’s enough.

I also love my pink stick feather, but again, it requires my assistant’s help, and sometimes I just wanna do my own thang, ya know?




Couple Interesting Days…

Tabs at the vet

Hey y’all,

So yesterday I had my annual checkup at the offices of my personal physician (no worries, everything checked out fine), but I was a little out of sorts after the whole ordeal, as you can probably imagine. There was this one part in the exam involving a thermometer that — well, let’s just say that I hope to never experience anything like that again…

Anyway, I was a little stressed after my driver brought us home, so I thought I’d have a relaxing picnic.

I really have to hand it to my assistant for her work on the deck garden landscaping. She outdid herself this year. I’ll have to remember that when it comes time for her bonus.

Toodles and cheek rubs,


Feline Fitness is Paramount

Outdoor cat enclosure

Today Tabs the Cat Industries LLC is proud to announce the unveiling of our new fitness center, located on the top floor of the Novato Tabby Command Center.

With facilities primarily for cat scratching and lounging, it is the first outdoor enclosed feline fitness center in the greater Novato area.

Memberships are available now, but not all applicants will be accepted. Space is limited. Please inquire within the comments section, and include your answer to the following question: Why are you worthy of exercising alongside world-renowned plus-size kitty supermodel Tabs?

Click here for more information on Novato’s own Tabby Command Center.

Awesomely yours,


Me Time


I gave my assistant the morning off so I could spend some quality kitty alone time pampering myself and just enjoying a little Saturday solitude.

I wake up flawless, of course, but proper personal grooming does take it to the next level.

On another note, I’m feeling the love today. I hope that all you other kitties are doing well and that you received extra gravy at lunch.



Have a Very Tabby TGIF!


My assistant was in one of her talkative moods this morning, prattling on about… You know, I can’t remember. I don’t even know what she’s going on about half the time.

Anywho, I had somewhere to be, of course, so I tried to politely extricate myself from the convo by pawing at my leash and gesturing toward the door, but she wouldn’t get the hint. Eventually, I started to mewl, and that woke her up. Honestly, I don’t even know why I pay that woman.

So, Friday. Awesome, right? I’m really looking forward to this weekend because I don’t have any kitty modeling jobs lined up, so I can do whatever my tabby heart desires, and it desires fun.

I’m thinking about starting by clawing Mom’s favorite chair, and then who knows? Maybe I’ll rattle the cupboards just to get on her nerves.

Ah, weekends… Such fun.


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Out for My Morning Walk

The human who attended to my needs this morning annoyed me. She kept tugging on my leash when I wanted to investigate different areas of the property. I’ll have to reprimand her for that in her upcoming review.

There is a great deal of activity in the neighborhood today. I hear the loud machine that takes away the wonderful-smelling stinky treats in the large disposal units outside. It screeches, and it bothers me.

I’m both sleepy and interested at the same time.




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Spring Update: New Interns

Kitty entourage

‘Tsup, y’all? Tabs here with a quick update. I hired a couple of interns this week to help me with some projects — you know how it is, always chasing the dream.

The first one is my big annual Summer Soirée, and yes, you’re invited!

Anywho, it’s next month, and we’ve got to get the food sitch right. I don’t know about you, but I’m a picky eater. We’re gonna need about a thousand cans of gravy by my estimates, so we need to get those orders in to Petco ASAP.

Other than that, I’m just doin’ my thang, you know, keepin’ it real and rockin’ the runway. It’s what I do.

Kitty entourage

Kitty entourage

Oh! — I almost forgot. We’re also upgrading my Tabby Command Center. Yeah, I’m getting one of the interns to install a feed trough/buffet, so that’ll be cool.

I hope spring’s been treating you well. I’ll connect again soon.

Much love, always,


The Sun Hath Rewarded Us With Its Presence

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 006

Greetings, human!

What’s shakin’?

It’s nice and sunny here in Northern California today, so I was able to persuade my pet assistant to take me for a walk.

The walks do me a lot of good. I work such a grueling schedule — kitty modeling is harder than you might think — and the outdoor time really does a body good.

Speaking of kitty modeling, here’s one of my more recent campaigns…

That was a fun shoot. 🙂

So, outside. I patrolled the perimeter of the offices here of Tabs the Cat Industries LLC. Didn’t see any cats, dogs or other interlopers today, which is good. The perimeter is secure.

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 005

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 004

tabs-the-cat-spring-2014 003
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