Out for My Morning Walk

The human who attended to my needs this morning annoyed me. She kept tugging on my leash when I wanted to investigate different areas of the property. I’ll have to reprimand her for that in her upcoming review.

There is a great deal of activity in the neighborhood today. I hear the loud machine that takes away the wonderful-smelling stinky treats in the large disposal units outside. It screeches, and it bothers me.

I’m both sleepy and interested at the same time.




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The Giants Win Their Season Opener

They’re off to a good start. It pleases me.

Not much on my agenda today, other than whipping my assistant into shape. The storm last night laid waste to my salad garden on the deck, so someone has to clean things up, and, of course, that someone is not me.


P.S. Lovely. I can hear it raining again. That means another day stuck inside…